Judi Hoffman: Inner circle of the Enlightened

Judi has decided to
attempt to contact
all of the members
of her website
if she should pass

Some of Judi’s more
“famous” clients include
Academy award-winning
actors, Emmy winners,
Golden Globe winners…

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When life on earth ends, how does the journey continue? Can communication from beyond be facilitated? If so, who among us is most qualified to make contact from beyond?

For what is possibly the first time in recorded history, a human being on earth who is perhaps at the very threshold of such a transition has offered to share the story of her journey with those of us who shall remain here on earth.

Take this opportunity to join Judi’s Inner Circle of the Enlightened.

Usually it is a person here on earth trying to contact a loved one on the other side, maybe it should be the other way around. Judi has decided to attempt to contact all of the members of her Inner Circle if she should pass. She may appear to you in a dream, as an apparition, or in a vision, or in a manner still unknown to this world.

With all of her years of fine tuning and strengthening her psychic abilities, she is perhaps the most uniquely qualified individual to attempt such a feat.

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Judi has been unable to work regularly since September of 2008. If you would like to help Judi with her day to day expenses please contribute here.

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In August of 2008, Judi was diagnosed with throat cancer. At this point in time doctors have only given her a 10% chance of recovery.

update on Judi’s health